Here's when you need foreign VAT registration

Do you have to register for VAT abroad? Here are examples of when VAT registration might be needed:

Long-term projects in other countries

If a foreign company runs a long-term project in another country, the company may be regarded as having established a permanent establishment and may, therefore, have to register for VAT in the country in question.

Local turnover

Buying products in another country for the purpose of resale and delivery within that country, does in principle, require VAT registration.

Own warehouse

Delivering products to the client’s own warehouse or to a customer’s warehouse may require VAT registration.

Sale to private individuals

VAT registration is required if the company is selling to private individuals in another EU country, provided that the turnover exceeds the country’s threshold.


VAT registration is required if products are sold to private individuals via the internet.


In case of imports to a country where resale takes place both within and outside the country’s borders.

Assembly and installation

In the case of the sale of machinery and structures that are installed on site, VAT registration may be necessary.

Real estate services

Work on and services at a foreign property may require VAT registration in the country where that property is located.

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