What is VAT compliance?

When VAT registration has been completed, VAT declarations will have to be submitted, and you may occasionally be required to submit periodic compilations and/or European Intrastat reports. You can leave the ongoing reporting work to Vathub.

VAT Declaration

VAT declarations have to be submitted regularly in the country of registration, just as in your home country. We take care of all communications with the host country’s tax authorities, and in close cooperation with your financial department we guarantee that your accounts will be correct.

Periodic compilation

A report detailing VAT free sales of products and services within the EU must be accounted for in a periodic compilation. This also applies when products have been transported to your own company within the EU. According to the main rule, this must be submitted monthly for products, and quarterly for services. When selling both products and services, a periodic compilation must be submitted each calendar month.


The EU has developed a system of statistics called Intrastat, in which information is compiled for all imports and exports of products between member states. Intrastat reports can be time-consuming. Leave them to us, and you will have time to focus on the more important parts of your business!