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Vathub manages your VAT registration.

Vathub takes care of the VAT registration process. No matter in which country you want to do business in. With a minimum of effort from your organisation and maximum of result and efficiency.

Many companies have now the world as their home market.

E-commerce is a driver of international trade and an increasing number do taxable business in foreign countries. Outside and inside the EU as well as across the continents.

Registering for VAT is a requirement according to the law.

Registering for VAT can be a challenging and time-consuming process which needs regulatory knowledge, language skills - and paperwork.

Correct VAT registration saves resources, time and money. It makes sure that no financial risks or unforeseen debts will arise that will have to be paid at a later date.

Already started your cross-country operations? No worries. It is often possible to register for VAT retroactively.

As your Vathub, here’s what we do


Relax. We make sure that all relevant and required information is included in the submission and by your needs.


Vathub manages the paperwork, submits the form and handles all correspondence until your registration is complete.


Don’t increase your workload. Registering for VAT entails ongoing accounting and compliance work. We help you with everything, from tax declarations and periodic compilations to Intrastat reports.

Get started with the registration process today.

Do you need to register?

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